Great summer MYSTERY and SUSPENSE reading recommendations

the last time she saw him



“appealing mix of quirky characters and slapstick humor” PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

Die Die Birdie new cover

“Definitely a great book for bird lovers who love a great mystery” COMMUNITY BOOKSTOP

Goddess of Fire

“shines through [with] luscious descriptions of food and the mores of the time” KIRKUS REVIEW

Faces cover

“Padukone displays mastery over quiet and simple moments” KIRKUS REVIEW

Morris Dancer

“In between cups of tea and plenty of cookies, Christine, Annie, Mavis, and Carol take great pride in their ability to harness newfangled technological devices in their quest for clues.

Cozy fans will enjoy their chitchat as much as their sleuthing” PUBLISHERS WEEKLY


“certainly one of the best corporate thrillers I have ever read” TIMID FINGERS

Chilled Revenge

“Aunty Lee’s third outing (Aunty Lee’s Deadly Specials, 2013, etc.) has the structural virtues of an old-fashioned whodunit but adds a sassy comic edge.

Don’t let her sweet demeanor fool you: beneath the matronly manner is a steely sleuth” KIRKUS REVIEW

Sit Stay Speak

“A woman tries to escape her past but discovers a new set of problems in this charming debut…A cozy read that’s full of dogs, romance, and small-town charm” KIRKUS REVIEW

OPTB Front cover

“From murder in Assam to a drowning in Delhi, Rao’s tales combine atmospheric evocations of place with surgical examinations of emotion” GUARDIAN REVIEW